FIVEM exclusive

Thinline assets script

This script allows you to change certain features on some of our models with a press of a button, with unique animations for each.

You are also able to place all of our Products into this resource (instead of your usual eup-stream) within it's stream folder, and it will work as your clothing resource.

Currently supported Models, and features:

  • An EUP UI to switch between uniforms.

  • AVS SWAT and Plate Carrier Vests: Toggle the vest on or off.

  • Fleece Jacket: Toggle the Hood on or off.

  • Oakley Ballistic M-Frame Alpha and Flak Jacket 2.0 XL Glasses: Cycle through positions.

  • Tactical Baseball Hat: Cycle through positions.

  • Oakley Flak Jacket 2.0 XL Glasses: Cycle through positions.

  • Ops Core Fast Helmet & Accessories Pack: Cycle through positions, menu with helmet setups, toggle night vision with night vision goggles, protection against gas with respirator equipped, reduced headshot damage with helmet equipped.

  • NEW: DDM4V7 Weapon Wheel Icon GFX and Weapon Titles

Created by Scully#5775

Released in October, 2021
Last Updated in May, 2024