My First Custom 3D Models!

My First Custom 3D Models!

Alrighty everyone. Time to reveal what i've been learning practicing and making in the past few weeks / days.

I finally got into 3D Modeling, took a while, but we are finally there.

My very first project was the Cloth Mask, fully custom, you can texture it to your liking. I'm planning on making a Texture for all my Department, and then put it out for sale sometime next week.

My second and main project is a brand new custom duty belt. No pictures of that just yet, but follow #pre-wip, i will be posting render pictures of it as i progress it. ( It is rather close to being done, it is currently the project i'm the most focused on.)

Now for my third current project; Oakley M-Frame Glasses. I'm planning on making 2 more variations of it, one being on the baseball hat, and maybe one behind the head. Not sure about the last one yet though.
Obviously i will make a few variation to the glass color itself, the default being normal black, and then some colored ones, you can see one example on the picture.

Does this mean i will be abandoning my big mega packs?
No. 3D Modeling will just skyrocket the quality of my packs.
This means no more Third party bullshit, i can make whatever i want for my packs now. This means new & unique vests, etc.
Though, i gotta say, i will be focusing a little bit on modeling for now, i really want to practice it a lot more, and i really enjoy it as well. So for now, expect some new model listings, and my next big package will be a new BCS(O) as many of you know that already, the developing phase will probably begin either later in December, or in Early January.

Lastly, the Tattoo pack got a bit pushed to the background, but you can see 2 new Tattoos on the screenshot, and it will be listed when they are done.

Thanks everyone, hope all of you had a fantastic Thanksgiving!