[OUTDATED] New Website!

[OUTDATED] New Website!

I'm happy to announce our very first and brand new website

There are still some bits and pieces left to polish up, but mostly it's done!

I'm really happy that we could finish the site before LSPA's launch tomorrow, it will take a lot of weight off me, and purchasing will be a lot more comfortable for every customer. 

 From now on, we will be solely using this Site for purchases. This is also the one and only site from where you can legally purchase our products. All the other sites are scam sites, i'm not going to name them, but you can guess. 

To purchase, you will need to create a customer account, provide your usual information, and your Discord ID.

You will be instruced on how to get that if you are not familiar with it. This is mostly so we can track orders, and so new customers can claim their Customer role by going into their Account Tab after they made a purchase, and click on the Blue Button that says "Claim Customer Role".

If they provided their Discord ID correctly, the system will instantly give them their Role. 


So how does purchasing exactly work?

After you picked which package you are looking to buy you click the  icon on the top right of the page, and head to check-out. You follow the basic stuff, and after your payment gets accepted, you will be re-directed to the Order Summary Page, where you will be able to instantly download the package you ordered. As a backup, you also will receive an email, containing the download

Also, if a Package gets an Update, you will automatically receive an email, with the updated link, so this is also hassle free from now on! Yay!

I'm very excited to see what the future brings for us, because i have a lot of great things planned out. See you in my next News Article, and i wish you some happy shopping! 

Tomorrow is a big day! :) 


sergeantfranki \ ThinLineSanctuary